The Four Worst Computer Games

The 2010s have been, understandably, heavily focused on next-gen video gaming, with computer games likely to have a specific level of advancement and graphical quality to cut the mustard. This is our list of the four biggest ├╝ber-flops over the last two years, so you don’t go and do one thing so rash as to spend your money!

4: Mind Jack

Best of the worst at least, this dreadful type of mind numbing drivel is the lowest attractive shooter game that can be purchased. Seen on both PS3 and Xbox 360, it scored a pitiful 43/100 on Metacritic and has been known as lazy and a corporate cash-in. The clumsy buttons, joined with the terrible presentation, make this one not to think about. And it’s all worsened because this little non-beaut had the conceit to increase our desires with an original next-gen multiplayer style which, in reality, is a mile from the point. Boo.

3: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

This Capcom catastrophe is suffering from average gameplay, low level controls and poor game style. What’s more, the pesky short while waster is punishingly tough so, even though its dog-muck, you still can’t finish it! Metacritic gave it a lower than impressive 38/100 and named it far from fun. That’s all, if you wish to shell out your hard earned cash on a game you won’t like then go right in advance!

2: Postal III

1/10 from Game Informer, 24/100 from Metacritic and usually angered reactions across the board make Postal III a true failure in the video gaming realm. It would seem that the folks pertaining to the PIII project lack the writing capacity to back up the garbage they assure, plus they don’t have any of the fashion or programming nous to even produce a distinctly average gaming experience.

1: Self-Defence Training Camp

This Xbox 360/Kinect tragedy has An Unconventional Narrative Co-Op Expereince Has Released On PlayStation 4, Debris Brings Together Two Realities And Enforces Trust Among Friends taken the prize place with this particular genuinely dreadful piece of time wasting twaddle. An impressively negative 21/100 from Metacritic, the badly applied motion detection game shows that sometimes you need human interplay to learn an ability. I mean, come on, the game play shows that anyone can learn how to block and defend against any assault without any training, feed-back, or perhaps a body to work together with. The very poor motion tracking can make it so far from the real experience its un-true, plus the dreadful graphics cement it further into the worst computer game planned for the next-generation. It also has an obsession with suggesting crotch shots, nice.

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