The Articulated Dump Truck!

When someone mentions a dump truck, there is little doubt that the first thing that is thought of is the typical, yellow construction vehicle with its big, deep bed riding on four big fat tires. Although these are by far the most popular ones out there and have been around for a long time, there is another type known as the articulated version that definitely should be considered when looking to buy such equipment. With recent advances in the technology used on these vehicles as well as the many benefits provided over the use of standard dump trucks, this version is definitely worth considering, especially for companies that do a lot of work that requires taking trucks into off-road conditions.


The design of an articulated dump truck is very similar to a semi tractor-trailer in Cvv shop that the cab portion is hinged from the trailer portion, giving the vehicle much more flexibility when it comes to getting in and out of tight situations. While they are available in numerous sizes based on a six wheel design – four on the trailer and two on the cab portion – they are only slightly longer than comparable sizes of standard dump trucks. The hinged cab section also makes mechanical work on the dump bed easier, which tends to keep down time for repairs and routine maintenance to a minimum. With large, heavy-duty tires such as those found on any backhoe or bulldozer, the articulated dump truck is able to get in and out of construction sites of all types with ease as well as drive on all the necessary roads to and from job sites.

Although a fairly new player in the heavy equipment field, some companies have begun concentrating on improving the design to make it more useful, more fuel efficient, and easier to work with in general. Today these trucks are also equipped with the most recent drive, transmission, and engine technology, improving its performance all around which allows for an increased amount of material that can be moved, all of which boils down to saving companies money.


Where the articulated dump truck comes in most useful is on construction sites with poor terrain, where a regular dump truck is usually too heavy on its smaller wheels and tires to get through poor off-road conditions easily. The design of the vehicle enables the trailer portion to follow in the tracks of the cab portion, making getting through rough surfaces easier and taking less fuel to accomplish this.

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