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Website built on Customizr for $200

214Custom website under $300

214Custom is a website under $300 that is built on the power of WordPress and the template Customizr. With it, you will get the standard 5-page website with additional features to make it a can’t miss package.

My favorite feature of the Customizer website design is the homepage. The homepage has a full-width image slideshow that lets you add gigantic photos to immediately grab your visitors attention. The design is also very spacious because it uses the whole screen, so text is easy to read and makes smaller images fit great.

And as always, modern support for mobile devices is a good thing to have. 214Custom built on Customizr is responsive to mobile devices. What is a responsive website? A responsive website means that your website will look great on computer screens and it will scale itself down to display your most important information on cell phones and tablets, in a finger-friendly manner.

One of the additional features included in your purchase is your very own blog. You can use it to create articles that show off your expertise on a particular topic. You can also use it to create a following by allowing visitors to comment on your posts and keep the conversation going.

To help increase your following, the pre designed 214Custom (built on Customizr) comes with SEO tools. These tools can help increase your search engine ranking which will make your website stand out in searches. That combined with your blog can help your website get off to a fantastic start.

As always, this website is compliant with today’s web standards. 214Custom uses such technologies as HTML5 and CSS3 — later iterations of HTML and CSS — and also jQuery, one of the web’s most popular libraries.

Your website will come with everything you will see, but if you are looking for more, I can further tailor it to fit your needs with anything you need.

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214Pro: 5-Page Website Under $300 Dollars


214Pro is a pre designed website that is affordable for even the smallest budget. 214Pro is a 5-page website built with style and simplicity in mind.

It’s a clean design with wide spacing and a clear typeface, and ample space to add photos. It is a responsive design and comes ready for mobile viewing on cell phones and tablets without any additional changes needed!

A blog is added for those who want to add a news feed to their site and keep their visitors in the loop. It can also be used to add greater depth to the content your visitors will consume.

214Pro also comes with built in SEO management tools. With the SEO tools, each page can be updated and optimized for today’s search engines to increase your page ranking and web traffic.

The site uses today’s web development standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. And since it’s built on the WordPress platform, it can be tailored to add as much functionality as you need.

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