New Internet Marketing Strategy

Your sales funnel can be one of the key sources of your new internet marketing strategy for this year. Revisiting its basics will not only equip you with the right tool, but will also be able to save you important resources, which in turn, you can add to your investment to expand your business online. When you use your sales funnel strategically, you will be able to enjoy high sales conversion.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel works like a screen to filter your traffic and increase conversion rates of your leads. It is made of three (3) stages.

The first stage is where you attract your leads which can either be qualified or unqualified potential customers. In the next stage, you will see unqualified leads clickfunnels review vs. leadpages dropping from the process as you implement strategies to increase your lead conversion rates. The last stage is where you will see your qualified leads and start monetizing from them as your customers.

The Need to Screen Leads

If you are wondering why there is a need to filter or screen your leads, you think about how much of your resources you can save if you just focus on the traffic that are almost sure to get their solution from your business, or those who actually need the products/services you promote. Your sales funnel drops those without genuine interests or those that do not actually need what you offer, so you do not have to spend for these leads whether in time, energy, or money.

How to Create Your Sales Funnel

Creating an internet marketing sales funnel can actually be simple. The most important element of the funnel is to build your squeeze page. This is one page in your website or a single page website where you attract and capture your leads. You do this by motivating them to leave their names and email addresses on your site to opt-in to your list of subscribers.

There are squeeze pages that can immediately lead to actual sales, but more often and typically, the page is used to build your list. For your targeted traffic to opt-in and entrust their email address to your business, you have to find ways such as offering them something relevant or useful free of cost. If they will find your offer hard to resist, you will be able to squeeze from them their name and email.

In order to build an effective squeeze page, you should consider the following elements that should be present on the page:

– the title or the headline must be able to catch the attention of your targeted traffic preferably containing your main keyword;

– you should be able to write an engaging content with your keywords/phrases on the page that delivers the message, your offer and call to action clearly to your target leads;

– a simple but effective opt-in-form where your leads can easily leave their name and email address;

– Relevant images or videos as applicable contributing to the overall attractiveness and effectiveness of the page;

– Specify what benefits your leads can get from subscribing to your list, and be sure that your page expresses your appreciation whether or not your targeted traffic chooses to opt-in to your list.

It pays to invest your time and effort in building an effective squeeze page as this will boost the functions of your internet marketing sales funnel. This in turn will increase your conversion rates resulting to more profits for your online business.

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