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Dualit and its products are invented by Max Gort-Barten, a German born entrepreneur who bought a small factory in Camberwell to himself manufacture products through his engineering skills and creativity. The company took its name Dualit from one of its inventions the Dual-Light selectric fire toaster. The company’s first product in the market was the first flip-sided toaster in the year 1946. Later then Max went in to design several consumer products and in 1952 he designed and engineered a six-slice toaster with a built-in timer. ใบเจียร

After such new creations the company grew slowly started designing new and exciting commercial products like toasters and coffee grinders, percolators, food processors, audios, kitchen appliances and other catering equipments. Today Dualit has an appropriate line of kitchen appliances and continues to provide pro chefs and aspiring cooks with a decent range of kitchen equipments. This coffee grinder brand also produces other equipments that make our lives a lot easier in the kitchen. Its few important products include Rapido, Espressivo, and coffee percolators etc.

Here we are talking about one product of Dualit which is the Dualit coffee grinder. This device tends to produce steady ground coffee preserving the aroma and the flavor of every single bean. With its conical burr grinder which spins relatively slow and minimizes clogging effect of oily or flavored beans it produces less heat to preserve the bean’s aroma. Dualit creates magic with its coffee grinders. Here are some of the features of the conical burr grinder from Dualit:

Dualit Grinder Features:
With lots of coffee grinder brands available in the market today that offers multiple features, Dualit grinders without fail have made its customers happy throughout the year. The features of its various grinders speak for itself and people choose these for a consistent grind. Its large hopper comes with a bean capacity of 250g and the burrs are fitted to be removed which offers easy cleanup. It grinds at a slow 450 rpm which produces and preserves the natural aroma of coffee.

It is also equipped with a safety cut-out that protects it from stones and other harmful agents. This particular grinder brand has pre-installed 13 grind settings which provides easy in various grind applications like coarse for percolators and fine for espresso coffee machines. It also offers a facility of portion control grinds whenever needed. With all these features and multiple applications this is a light-weight and space saving conical burr grinder from Dualit.


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