By now you know what you need and you of course know how much you have to spend. The next thing for you to do is to submit your bid for a project.

Bids are competitive so make sure to submit your best offer and what you hope to get for the price. If there are special features you need, include that in your description. Obvious non-competitive bids get filtered out pretty quickly (e.g., 5-page website, $15 or Logo $1) so make sure you submit an honest bid.

Once I have a chance to look at your bid, I will contact you via email so we can finalize the price, project specs and (if possible) what my initial design ideas are.

For most projects I do require a down payment to show that you are a serious customer. The down payment is nothing hefty, usually 20% – 25%. Once a down payment is placed, your project begins. After I’m done with the project, I will show you a proof and that’s when you make your final payment. Once that is complete, I’ll turn over the rights to you, 100%!

For additional questions check out my frequently asked questions page.