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If you are into playing basketball, your coaches, members of your team, and family have all stressed to you the importance of getting a good basketball workout. Getting a good basketball workout will ensure a good game for you and your team as well as making sure that you are in tip top physical condition. Being on top of your game is very important when playing basketball.

A few tips to follow basketball legends when getting into a good basketball workout are:

• Practice every day both in the weight room and on the court. A good rule of thumb is to do an hour on the court and at least 45 minutes in the weight room.
• Always do mobility drills, stretches and foam rolls before beginning your basketball workout.
• Make sure that you practice every day but no more than eight hours in a single week.
• Make sure that you have a support group that includes your coaches, family, and other players.
• Don’t go into the gym wanting to shoot as many shots as you can. Focus on doing your best instead of seeing how many baskets you can get.
• During your weight room workout make sure that you do as many exercises as you can. Work out both your upper and lower body.

Different Exercises for Basketball Workouts

There are many different exercises that one can do during basketball training that can give you the desired results. On the court there are many different exercises that are done. Running helps to strengthen the legs and help to build strength and flexibility. Passing which includes passing the basketball back and forth between each person helps with hand and eye coordination which is essential in basketball. Passing is also a great way of training for anticipation. You never know when the ball is going to come to you so that will make you more aware of it during the game. Basketball workouts should also include conditioning and weight lifting. Dribbling is also common during basketball training as it is a big part of the game as well as it helps with hand and eye coordination. Also remember during your basketball training to try doing some basketball shooting. Do not try to get as many as possible in the goal. Take your time and focus. Quality is much better than getting as many as you can in. Taking your time will help you to make sure you are getting the practice in that you need.

Practice always makes perfect especially when it comes to basketball. Getting a good basketball workout each day will help you become the best player that you possibly could be. Make sure that you focus on court training as well as weight training. Focus on your upper body as well as your lower body during basketball training. Never forget to have your training staff close and a support group close. They can help you with your basketball workout and make sure that you are doing it each and every day. Work hard and you will see the results on the basketball court.

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