Contract Agreement

This is the contract agreement for hiring me for my services. This is nothing too technical, but I just want to lay out everything I can in plain English so there is no small print.

You can also read my list of frequently asked questions for more details or explanations on some of the info below.

The terminology:

  • I means ME (or 214 Dallas Graphic Design)
  • You means YOU, the customer
  • Project or properties means the work I performed or was hired to do


These are some guidelines you understand and agree to in order to hire me for my services:

  • I. All payments are non-refundable. If you have a reason for requesting a refund I will consider the situation but it is not a guarantee. (See FAQ)
  • II. I will have full control over the design process. (See FAQ)
  • III. Additional changes are subject to a timed billing rate. (See FAQ)
  • IV. If I complete your project and you either have trouble paying on time, can’t pay, or refuse to pay:
    • I have the right to withhold the properties or project until I receive full payment.
    • In the case of web or database work, I have the right to disable the website in question until I receive full payment.
    • I have the right to request my work back until I receive full payment. This applies to the work in question, not work previously completed and paid for.
  • V. Late Fees — If after an invoice was given to you and a number of days have passed and you still have not fulfilled your payment responsibilities, late fees may automatically begin to calculate. Those late fees will be applied to the outstanding invoice and it must also be paid in order to receive 100% rights to your project. I have power to waive your late fees. For more info on late fees you can contact me.

This agreement is just for laying out rules in the rare occurrence particular situations arise. When you hire me for a project you are acknowledging that you have read this and understand my rights and your own.