4 Brands Setting New Goals For Social Media Campaigns And Strategies

There are various brands and organizations today that are excelling fantastically on social media. In the wake of the powers of social media, brands have come out with stellar media campaigns along with the use of social walls where they generate social media streams and direct them to the social display of the wall. Likewise, social walls can also be embedded on websites with the use of social media widgets. Widgets for various networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook and more can be effortlessly embedded on websites.

This post talks about how 4 brands have come up with their unique social media campaigning ideas and are nailing it totally-


If one follows Oreo on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, or even Facebook, then they’d know the brilliant job that the brand is doing on social channels. The brand has one of the finest creative teams and marketers who are taking the social identity of the brand a notch higher with their impeccable design ideas. Oreo experienced the highest buzz in 2012, with 49% higher online conversations compared to the year 2011.

Simply innovative techniques for social media campaigning have been used by Oreo; the masters of the twist-lick-dunk biscuits who are known for their black and white cookie worldwide with of course its variants in the market too now, think strawberry and orange for the Indian market. Whatsapp GB atualizado 2020

Oreo’s Daily Twist Campaign

Each day from June 25 to October 2, 2012, Oreo shared a creative image of their traditional cookie redesigned in a manner to honor an event or memory that had happened on the same date in the foregone years.

There are other numerous social media strategies that Oreo has employed and has leveraged the brand’s social media presence and user-engagement exponentially with the newest news being that the next android version in smartphones is named after the brand itself!


ALWAYS, the brand ran its epic battle campaign #LikeAGirl and created a fire on the social platforms advocating for gender equality for women and girls. The campaign positioned the brand as a fine example among its clients for its products for females. The ‘Always’ campaign is from the feminine care companies which part ways with the conventional marketing strategy of using blue water on sanitary napkins to sell products to women and instead steps out boldly with their run #LikeAGirl, throw #LikeAGirl and fight #LikeAGirl. Keep going #LikeAGirl.


Charmin, a company manufacturing toilet paper has a stellar social media strategy and ran a campaign by the #TweetFromTheSeat which invited inventive user-generated content from people worldwide while they’re in the most basic situation of the man’s lifestyle and existence – using a toilet paper but only in an inventive way. And, as the brand goes by, ‘Don’t just clean, get ‘Charmin’ clean’.


GoPro has stepped into the social media game where they have made a classic use of user-generated content . The brand does it like no other. Borrowing real-life experiences from the adventures and fun undertaken by GoPro users, the brand collects the best of the snaps for social sharing globally. This values the user of GoPro to begin with. It showcases their product use and quality ‘in action’ and helps in generating a potential customer base eventually.

Campaigning becomes an even more successful concept with the use of social walls and social displays. Brands can use social walls at conferences to bring out the best of their campaign feeds and display the social media stream to their conference attendees in an interactive manner.

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